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Online Mediation Service

On 1st June, we will be launching our new online mediation service for separated parents and wider families. This will enable clients to access the services of a mediator using the online platform Zoom.  

Arranging online family mediation

Use the online form on the Contact Us section of the website or telephone 01786 472 984.

An individual intake appointment will then be arranged for you by telephone to talk through your situation. If it is appropriate to do so, the Intake Worker will explain what to expect from your online mediation session.


Please note that an intake appointment is free of charge, however, a first joint mediation session will cost £50 each and subsequent mediation meetings will cost £25 each. In some cases, legal aid may cover these costs. If you would have difficulty paying these charges, please let us know.  We can offer different payment options.  No client will be denied use of the service due to an inability to pay.


Digital Post Box Launched

With the present Covid-19 social distancing measures in place, it may be more difficult for children to keep in contact with parents or other family members they do not live with.  For parents who do not have direct contact with one another, we can provide a digital post box service to keep parents updated as to how their child is during the current restrictions. 

Kids bored?

The Scottish Government has published some resources and advice on everything from home-schooling to working from home and keeping them entertained. Read more here: 

Top tips for families during Covid-19 crisis

The lockdown can be especially hard for families who have separated. Here are our Top Tips for parents to help them and their children cope with the current health crisis; 

Tips for looking after your mental health during lockdown

One of our counsellors from Orkney has made a short video which you can access here. If you are interested in finding a counsellor in your area, please click on the link for Relationships Scotland.